My Story

I was named Mathangi by my grandmother. My name has sanskrit roots and essentially means goddess Saraswati (deity of arts and education). But my friends & colleagues have always called me Matty. Guess that was easier on the tongue. And my family caught on to it as well! of course, when I was kid no one including me knew I was going to take singing up professionally. 

Music has always been inextricably intertwined into my life. In fact, it has become my life. From an advertising professional to a full-time musician, my dreams and aspirations have traversed the upper and lower octaves of life. My personal website is a window to showcase this musical odyssey and to offer you a glimpse into my life.

"It takes all types to make the world, I am of a different kind too"

There is the vivacious, talkative, bubbly side that comes out while singing on stage or while on TV, but there is also the silent, thoughtful and spiritual side that's very personal and dear to me.

I love to travel in India and abroad. My husband, who is a vice president in a multinational bank, complements my personal interests. With lots of traveling behind me, I can understand and truly relate to people from different backgrounds all over the world.

I'm vegetarian. From Italian to Mexican to Thai or Lebanese cuisine, I quite like experimenting with food from around the world. Of late, I'm into whipping up a riot of flavours from different cuisines for my family members and hopefully soon I can blog about what I cook too. I also avidly follow cricket and tennis. 

Besides cooking new stuff, and watching sports, I also like to collaborate with my designers and come up with new looks for myself for TV and stage shows.

I was raised in New Delhi, a city I spent more than 18  yrs of my life in. So, it goes without saying that I grew up with the music of legendary Bollywood singers like Lataji,  Ashaji, Kishore da etc.  Owing To the influence of my parents, the institutions I studied in & the different parts of the country I grew up in, my musical interest are Eclectic and Range from Carnatic classical to Western pop, Fusion, Hindustani classical, Ghazals & Folk. 

As a teenager, my favourite musicians were Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Corrs, Ace of Base, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. During my college days it was Shania Twain & Bryan Adams. Indi pop was also hot then. My favourites were Colonial cousins, Alisha Chinoy, Shaan, Sunita Rao & Daler Mehendi. Right now, I'm in love with Adele. Lady Gaga also intrigues me greatly!  

My mom, Mrs. Prema Rajshekar, who holds a masters degree in music, made sure that I started my Carnatic training from the age of 6. In my schooling days in Delhi my guru was Smt.Rama Ravi. When I was 13, I received the prestigious Govt. of India scholarship to further my training in Carnatic Music till I was in college. I owe what I am today to the foundation in those formative years.

My graduation days were in Bangalore and I continued to learn music under Smt.Neela Ramagopal. Once I moved to Chennai for my post graduation, I was under the musical tutelage of Smt. Suguna Purushottaman. I also trained in Western Classical music for a year from my guru and voice trainer Mr.Jabez.  

Over time I became very fascinated with Hindustani classical music and decided to train under Mrs. Meghana Dandekar and later under Ms. Subha Joshi and Mrs. Aditi Upadhyay. Laying a foundation in Hindustani has been one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences for me.

When I was a kid, my favourite Carnatic musician was Mrs. Charumati Ramachandran. Current favourites are Sudha Raghunathan & Nityashree. In Hindustani, I listen to a lot of Rashid Khan, Parveen Sultana, Ashwini Bhide, Arti Ankalikar and absolutely love Sanjeev Abhayankar.